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Are you seeking a reliable and affordable removal company in Guilford? MCNEILL Moving & Transit have cultivated a reputation as the leading removal company, providing moving, transport and storage for domestic, commercial and specialised removals. If you wish to put your belongings in the care of seasoned technicians, come to our depot, from where we operate our storage, packing, assembly and removals services. Contact us on the form below - our talented team are free to help.

We use the best equipment

Whether we’re packing, assembling or moving your items, we like to ensure that our team have access to the highest-grade equipment for a smooth move. From our well kept vehicles to the tools that we equip our talented removals team with, MCNEILL Moving & Transit never compromise on the quality and integrity of our equipment, something which also extends to the harnesses used to hold down large objects in our vehicles.

A standout reputation

At MCNEILL Moving & Transit, we don’t believe in compromise. Our moving and removals services have a history for quality, and our services are kept at the highest calibre using only the most up-to-date removals practices. As mirrored by our pleased clients, we take absolute pride in providing high quality services for removals, storage and item transport. Inquire for quote today and find out for yourself.


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